Practice Post 1.2

The ongoing debate regarding gun control lacks common sense and is endlessly overthought in our society. People generally believe that making guns illegal will eliminate murders and mass killings in our country. Has anyone ever thought about the fact that someone could be killed just as easily with a knife or even a rock, yet these common objects remain perfectly legal? Don’t get me wrong, I am no advocate for gun possession, nor do I support mass murders, but people need to take a step back and look at their argument. In Susan Schorn’s online article, she writes that she will have no association whatsoever with people who do not support her anti-NRA point of view. This statement baffles me, as I find it virtually impossible for someone to have a credible stance in a debate without knowing both sides of the argument. It is these types of close-minded people that should have no part in a debate about violence or gun control in our society.

In regards to violence in general, I agree wholly with David Mamet’s article arguing that as much as humanity tries to evade violence, we get the greatest level of entertainment from that itself. Violence is in human nature; it is in our blood. Life is a constant battle of good and evil, and humans crave conflict. Nothing is more entertaining than sitting on the edge of your seat in a movie theater as the hero and villain battle to the death in the final ten minutes of a suspenseful movie. It is also an ongoing debate as to whether or not people become more aggressive after watching violent films or engaging in violent video games. It is argued that certain individuals are inherently aggressive, and that aggression is more of a learned, gradual behavior than a direct result of exposure to violent media.


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