Humorists. Practice Piece 5.1

Imagine a utopian society in which only the positives of our government were publicized; a society in which controversial remarks were strictly forbidden and negatively publicity was extremely frowned upon.  This is a world without humorists.  Humorists exist in this world not only to make us laugh and provide general entertainment, but to inform audiences of controversial subjects that would otherwise go unspoken.  People like to think that we live in an idealistic society where everyone is kinda and never says anything bluntly insulting.  This job falls into the hands of your everyday humorist.

Humorists play an incredibly large role in the media and communications industry.  On television, news anchors will jump at the chance to report a good breaking story, be it good or bad.  Television hosts also must respect the United States’ government and are paid to speak fairly highly of government officials.  They are limited on what they are permitted to say, and cannot openly criticize authoritative figures.  Saying crude comments regarding prominent officials could easily get them fired.  The same holds true in newspapers or online journals.  This is where humorists come in.  Humorists are allowed to joke about a government failure or embarrassing event.  They are paid to bring up all those controversial subjects that are too touchy of subjects to be broadcast on national news.  They play a vital role in informing the general public of the reality of a situation.  Humorists do not sugarcoat anything, and don’t hold anything back as they make subtle jabs at government officials or organizations. And the wonderful thing about this is, no questions are asked.  Although there may be occasional controversy over a particularly crude comment, this is rare.  Humorists are expected to do that; they make a living writing or speaking about current events in a heavily satirical manner.  If producers are paying a talk show host thousands of dollars a night for their show, they expect the talk show host to do what he or she does best.  Someone needs to say these things that are just a little too touchy to be said elsewhere, and humorists get the job done.

Humorists play a major role in maintaining a sense of reality in the media.  We do not live in a nation run by perfect leaders that never do anything wrong.  Humorists combine comic relief with factual honestly to play a vital role in our society today.


One response to “Humorists. Practice Piece 5.1

  1. I liked this a lot Julia. Your intro was really creative. Nice syntax action with the semicolon at the start. It flowed nicely and kept me thinking. You deffinately made a point to answer the prompt and establish you views clearly throughtout the piece. You mentioned this in my practice piece and I think it’s a valid suggestion: find new ways to say humorist! Some options include “comedian” “entertainer,” and “buffoon.” I think your piece would have a lot more strength if you added some spacific details. Maybe throw in an example of an SNL skit? Over all, lovely work. Julia has done it again!

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